CGOS Pepto Quixote

Peptoboonsmal’s offspring earnings across all disciplines exceed $20 million.

Peppy San Badger (1974–2005) was an American Quarter Horse stallion who won the National Cutting Horse Association (or NCHA) Futurity in 1977 and the NCHA Derby in 1978. He was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Association's (or AQHA) Hall of Fame in 2008.

Winnings in excess of $380,000.00 in cutting

Doc Quixote (1970–2002) was the 1973 NCHA Non Pro Futurity Champion ridden by Paul Crumpler of Wichita Fall, TX. He was a chestnut stallion, stood 15 hands high, and was registered American Quarter Horse #0698787. He was the first cutting horse stallion to ever be syndicated, reportedly with shares valued at $100,000 (US).[1] As a sire, Doc Quixote's offspring have earned more than $10 million including four that were inducted into the NCHA Horse Hall of Fame: Poco Quixote Rio ($1,108,773), Docs Okie Quixote ($637,707) NCHA Triple Crown Champion, Cash Quixote Rio ($604,742), and Jazzote ($586,212).[2]

Mr San Peppy earned more than $107,850 in NCHA competition. His foals won more than $2.63 million in NCHA competition, not to mention earning more than 3,200 points in AQHA competition.

In AQHA competitions, Doc Bar’s get amassed nearly 9,000 points and won multiple world championships.