Foals by Dark N Dashing

We are looking forward to the arrival of our 2018 foals.  To view individual foal's information click on the photo this will take you to the foal's page.  When inquiring about any foal please state foal's # and name of the dam.  Foal information will be updated as the foals arrive.

Thank you 

#2 Heza Hot Chex ToCash/Whos Wranglin Who

#25 2018 Dark N Dashing/HQH Blue Zippo Pine

#28 2018 Dark N Dashing/Cooken with Hickory

#29 2018 Dark N Dashing/DFBit of Sugar Frost

#30 2018 Dark N Dashing/MC Cricketts Angel

#31 2018 Dark N Dashing/DF Docs Missy

#32 2018 Dark N Dashing/BB Candy Jay

#33 2018 Dark N Dashing/MC Irish Lily

#34 2018 Dark N Dashing/Upscale Gal